#SiiqqeeSuperstar – October 2016

For her dedication and advocacy around the issue of Oromo protests, this month’s Siiqqee Superstar is Najat Hamza. We applaud her for her appearances on the Al Jazeera program “The Stream”, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) and countless writings that have spread awareness of the dire situation Oromos are facing in their homeland.

“In all debate11231317_10156038811645431_2185074586262288304_ns, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.” That quote by William Penn is the epitome of the type of intellect Najat embodies when engaging in an art she has so gracefully mastered: debate. She flourished in high school when she qualified to represent South High School in the 2003 Minnesota State Debate Tournament. She has brought this skill to the important issues that plague the Oromo people back home and continues to be a voice for those peacefully protesting.

Most recently, she has begun efforts to support and advocate for Oromo women prisoners, as their challenges differ from that of their male counterparts in the Ethiopian prison system.  Najat, thank you for amplifying the voice of our people and for your dedication to simultaneously pushing for women’s rights.

“I am grateful for the great women before me who had to remind me to assume my place at the table as prescribed to me and for me.” – Najat Hamza



Fantastic work, Najat! Jabaadhu!
Siiqqee Chronicles Team