#SiiqqeeSuperstar – August 2016


Every city in our diaspora has members of the community who greatly contribute to the success of community affairs. We are aware of the ones close to home, but rarely are we introduced to works and contributions of the many others. This month, the Siiqqee Chronicles Team would like to introduce you all to one of the pillars of Little Oromiyaa.

August’s Siiqqee Superstar, Aaddee Bashatu (Yenenesh) Dabala, is and has been a constant element in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area for almost two decades. You can bet your last dollar that she will be at every event; concerts, youth events, cultural shows, Oromo community meetings, and front row at every church service. Her strength is evident as she seamlessly transitions into the different roles of her every day life. Some know her as the one-woman catering team, others know her as a devout church member, and others as a mother and head of household to three children. But one thing everyone knows her as in Minnesota is a proud member and the heartbeat of the Oromo community.

Selflessness, like that of Aaddee Bashatu,­ has allowed our largest population of Oromos in diaspora to reach the milestones that they have. She wears her Oromummaa so proudly on her sleeve and never allows for it to be compromised. Aaddee Bashatu, thank you for being a shining example to generations of women after you and for shattering the glass ceiling by showing them that a woman’s work can supersede that of her counterparts any day.

Baga teenna taate! Ulfaadhu. Umrii dheeradhu.
The Siiqqee Chronicles Team

*Photo taken from Finfinnee Tube’s Irreechaa 2015 album on Facebook

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