#SiiqqeeSuperstar – April 2017

Social media is truly changing the way that we communicate and network, both on the continent and in the diaspora. Many of us use innovative photo and video apps to document our day, capture our memories and interact with others all over the world. Snapchat accounts like SomalidaAduunka and BunaTime have enabled those with roots in the Horn to virtually meet others who share their culture, and the Oromo universe has found its own amazing networking platform in OromosConnect!

Elham Omer of Minnesota, USA is one of the creators of OromosConnect, a Snapchat platform with over 5,000 followers in 6 continents. Nasteha (Fayoo) Feto is one of the account’s administrators. Through signing into the shared account, hosts have showcased a day in their lives in Oromia, Kenya, Australia, USA, UK, Norway, China, Canada, Morocco, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and beyond. In order to keep the channel going, these women sift through hundreds of emails and texts, booking hosts and communicating with those who will use the account for the day. With co-founder Yusuf, they are responsible for organizing themes like Career Week, in which different hosts talk about their education and career and take questions from viewers. This platform has truly become beneficial for viewers and hosts alike, especially in connecting the youth, fostering friendships and rallying support from one city’s Oromo Youth Association to another’s.

Siiqqee Chronicles would like to shout out OromosConnect for giving us a chance to see how others live on the other side of the world, learn about each other, ask questions and meet new friends using just our cell phones.

If you’re interested in hosting Oromosconnect, make sure to email them at oromosconnect@gmail.com and check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Oromosconnect-1666825053579342/?hc_ref=SEARCH

Itti fufaa, Elham and Fayoo! Keep it up!
Siiqqee Chronicles Team