No Ethiopia Without Oromia

“There is no Ethiopia without Oromia. Here’s a short note on why!

It was the Oromo people who fearlessly fought the fully-armed Italian colonizers. Their bravery was admired not only by Africans, but by the colonizers themselves. It was the Oromo people who fought for the dignity and decolonization of Africa. It was the Oromo people that assisted in the fight against the Derg regime and defended the Ethiopian people as a whole against tyranny and potential genocide.

It was the Oromo people that sent food to Tigray when the famine almost destroyed an entire group of people. It was the Oromo people that brought TPLF to power for the mere purpose of restoring justice and order to the Ethiopian state (until they were betrayed by TPLF/EPRDF).

It was the Oromo people that built Ethiopia. Ethiopia is nothing without Oromia. Now, a century later, Oromo protesters are fighting for the dignity of the citizen populace and survival of millions. They are facing a merciless regime and live bullets to protect Oromia, Ethiopia from land grab.

If you are an Ethiopian, African and (heck) a citizen of anywhere in the world, you ought to be inspired, moved and in complete awe of the resilientOromo protesters‬.

My vague words don’t do much justice for the ‪#‎OromoProtests‬, so I will leave it here.”

Woman grieving murdered Oromo protestor

– Amaanee Badhassoo