Intergenerational Siiqqee Conversations, Ep. 01

by Elella Daba

This conversation was recorded during a preliminary meeting between Aaddee Kuwee Kumsa, Ayantu Ayana and I. We recorded our conversation in order to prepare and reflect on the issues we would like to address in the Oromo community both at home and abroad, based on our experiences and perspectives.

Upon listening to the recorded meeting, we felt that it would be ideal to release it as a form of introduction to herald the beginning of a series of conversations we would like to have. Our hope is that having in-depth and candid conversations among Oromo women will help in building multiple platforms where their voices are fully heard.


As we start our Intergenerational Siiqqee Conversations, it is our sincerest hope you will join us in this journey!

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Aaddee Kuwee Kumsa is a lifelong activist, former political prisoner and social work scholar who has spent a lifetime thinking and writing about issues of liberation within a local and global context.

Ayantu Ayana is a researcher and organizer interested in the theoretical and practical processes of building inclusive transnational and intersectional grassroots movements. She is co-founder and producer at Odaacity, a podcast committed to promoting meaningful conversations regarding sociopolitical affairs of the Horn of Africa.

Elella Daba has always been curious about the role of Oromo women in their community, both at home and abroad. She hopes that this Intergenerational Siiqqee Conversation project will help in building multiple platforms where Oromo women’s voices are fully heard.


2 thoughts on “Intergenerational Siiqqee Conversations, Ep. 01

  1. Kedir Kurfessa says:

    It is impresaveb idea that I used to work on to promote the respecte and valu that this identity award women’s rights in Oromo culture.

    All what I can say is thank you

    Garuu maqan saganta kanaa
    Siiqqee mittii akaa nanoo Arisiit
    Akaa nanoo Arisiit siiqqee Jechuni
    Fagattee jechuu

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