A Message for Our Graduates

by Amaanee Badhassoo

Oromo students protesting in front of Haromaya University

Congratulations Oromo graduates,

I would like to especially congratulate Oromo graduates this year. You give me chills, your success is a nation’s success and your victory is a nation’s victory. I am inspired by all of you and the families that nurtured you.

May you never forget that you are a product of warriors, founders of democracy and the great African nation. No matter where you go in life, be reminded of the sacrifices made on your behalf. Let their sacrifices be your armor, strength and courage.

Do not allow anyone nor existing oppressive systems restrict you from making your dreams a reality. Become thinkers, healers, advisors, educators, innovators, change agents, humanitarians, leaders and all that you aspire to be. Lean on one another and empower each other.

There is something special about this generation. I am confident that this is the generation that will put an end to misery in Oromia, Ethiopia and win some victory on behalf of humanity. So, graduates, brush your shoulders off, you are the champions of Africa and the world. Who is going to stop you? Take the world by storm, victors!

Amaanee Badhassoo is currently a researcher and consultant in MN. She is a prospective student of law and an aspiring lawyer, political advisor and conflict negotiator. She is inspired by the previous and current social movements in Oromia, Ethiopia. More importantly, she sees the Oromo struggle as a symbol of defiance against oppressive systems. The victory of the Oromo struggle is an alternative to the current repressive ethnic federalist system that aims to benefit a few!