A Letter to Qeerroo

by Elella Daba

As the sound of the call for freedom rings louder, I thought it was about time that I reached out to you. There is no question that the past four months have been demanding and trying. The sacrifice that you are paying on behalf of our people and country has not gone unnoticed. The determination that you have to stand in front of bullets with nothing but your bare hands and the courage that you have to fight for our people at any cost makes the likes of you a hero. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that you are redefining the meaning of determination, courage and hope.

The enemy really believed that the will and the spirit of the people had been broken; that the fire burning bright had been put out. But you are living proof that this is not the case. You keep proving them wrong time and again. No matter how many times the enemy barks of planning and taking merciless action, you refuse to back down and sell off your land. The message you are sending is clear: Oromia is not for sale, never has been, and never will be.

I want to tell you how much we appreciate you, Qeerroo. I want you to know every Oromo heart beats true for you, prays for you, thinks day and night only of you and the struggle of the people that you are leading. No other nation can ever claim to be this lucky, lucky to have a generation that has not forgotten its history, nor has become a sellout. The struggle of our people has not become foreign to you. The heroes of yesterday that sacrificed their lives are living and breathing through you. Their struggle has not been for naught. You have taken the torch and you have run faster towards freedom than anytime before.

From every corner in Oromia you have organized and come out in droves, marching and singing the songs that I heard when I was a little girl, “siifan lola Oromo narra hin gortuu” bringing back so many memories of the struggle and the price paid by so many Oromos. The sheer determination I see in you tells me that fear has left Oromia. The naysayers can say whatever they want, but the time is not for the faint-hearted. No longer can they tell you that you are not well organized or that the enemy is more prepared than you. Despite the immeasurable obstacles you are facing everyday, you keep pushing back, harder and stronger. I have no doubt that many wish you were theirs, that they could call you their own, claim you as their brothers and sisters, and heroes of their people. But you belong right where you are, and it is with the Oromo people. You are writing history with your blood and the price you paid for our people will never be forgotten.

Qeerroo, the hope and the future of Oromia, I want to tell you I believe in you, that I believe in your potential to build a brighter future for Oromia. You are what we have been waiting for. You and only you will be determining your future, and the future of the generation coming after you. The next generation will never have to wonder what qabsoo looks like; they have you as a prime example. Our ancestors began this struggle and famously promised “gabrummaa hiddaan buqqifna, dadhabnu ilmaan itti guddifna”. They started “fincila diddaa gabrummaa” and now you are rewriting history with “fincila xumura gabrummaa”. Your children will never know the taste of injustice. I have no doubt they will eternally be grateful for the price you paid and for the responsibility you took upon yourself to put an end to injustice.

Your sister,
Elella Daba

Elella Daba is a university student living in Norway. Her hope is to see the day where Oromos will be able to determine the future of Oromia without any preconditions imposed by outsiders. As the saying goes in Afaan Oromo,  “alagaan alaguma, Oromo dammaqi”.

5 thoughts on “A Letter to Qeerroo

  1. Abduletif Hussen says:

    Galatoomi! Namni kanuma lamuu hin dhalatu; jajjabee too silleen Waaqni si haa jajjabeessu tabba nuuf bahi.

  2. Abadir Aba Dulla says:

    HI:frist of all i want thank Oromo people around the world for great struggel and team work. ” call for ulitmate change” around the globe my dear brother and sister our Qeeroo movement its our right and privllage . 1st, we are forced to move from our home land.
    .2nd most of our people are in the prison.
    3rd,our people life became hard and hard day to day back home.
    4th majort of of Oromo living neghbouring country exile life refugee campy.
    5th,Our youth (Qeeroo)student has sacrficing for the millon of oromo’s killed put them in to prison with out their age fighting for human right , diginity and civil right of their people. the reason i am writing this letter with heave burden with most concern for our struggel and our bleeding nation. dear Oromo please join togather for common goal of our civill right today its easy for advanced social network and media communcation great contribution for change. their for the change we all need and our struggel will be for freedom campaign must be solved by our people as Oromo we are systmatical segeregated and discrimnated for centerys. so that time has came let us move togather for common goal with out saparation in one mind and one soul. so i will like to give you same information how international law operat. we are Oromo’s. excpect a lot from international law. howover we are Subjects of international law.refer to those persons or entities.who posses international legal personality and are capable of possessing international rights and duties and have the capacity to mantian right by bringing international clamis.
    Also tradational only state qulafied as subjects international law.but after 2nd world wara long side the establishimant of international organation have got many other actors emarge in the international legal arena.increasingly it becames necssary that sent of international legal personality be granted to those entities besids states these entites are included.. for examply non-state entites (federal states) belligeerents (armes groups),insurgents,) liberations movements and international territtors.
    individual among others.
    so that state have been tradational recognised as the only subjects if international law.state drive their legal presonality frim the very nature and structure of international system.because of treaty of westphalia European war 30 years 1648 agreement .so the world was accept this treaty as traditionly respected. there is no centeral government ( anarchy)abence if power in the world. who can punishe soverignty state (state are independenty)in other word What ever Ethiopian government commet crime or killing millions if Oromos .their is no international governnent to punishe them. i want to Oromo understand this ..other thing internaternational crimnl court has no any power to take Ethiopian government in to international court except cooperation with the Ethiopian state put individual who commet crime aganist humanty.. to ICC . or( ICJ) intenational crimnal justice just coopreat with state so ..the world we are living anarchy means that abesence of world power . the world has no execuative, legislative and judicial (law enforcement)no world militery who can arrest or punish Ethiopian government international so that Ethiopian government can do any thing they want . the other thing the westearn alwlys they favour.powerful state by economy ,militery and poltics and they value their interest than the problem of oromo have today.
    upto us Oromo stand togather and change these leader ship.don’t exepact a lot from international.let as put our plan.or strategy and team work ,win win togather thanks.

  3. Abadir Aba Dulla says:

    Abadir Aba Dulla student of Master of International relation and diplomacy living Africa my dream to free Oromo and deserve their right of freedom.
    Contribute for fundamatal change and add to create economic development of the country.

  4. Lataa says:

    Gola ofii kan beeku kan hormaan nii miidhaga jedhee hin burjaaja’u! Kanaafidha Elellaan akka kanaan xalayaa miidhagaa ilma Oromoo biyya keessaa akkaan hamilee itti horee fulduratti tarkaanfachiisu katabuun ishii! Kan akkakee of beeku diinqa saba isaa quba qabu nuuf yaa baayyatu. Atillee nuuf jabaadhu. Guyyaa tokko Oromiyaa Bilisoomte irratti …….

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