#SiiqqeeSuperstar – April 2017

Social media is truly changing the way that we communicate and network, both on the continent and in the diaspora. Many of us use innovative photo and video apps to document our day, capture our memories and interact with others all over the world. Snapchat accounts like SomalidaAduunka and BunaTime have enabled those with roots in the Horn […]

Intergenerational Siiqqee Conversations, Ep. 02

by Elella Daba In this installment of Intergenerational Siiqqee Conversations, Kuwee, Elella and Ayantu continue exploring the theme of silencing in general and the silencing of women’s voices in particular. The purpose of this segment is to lay out the general framework informing this project and to clarify the intentions of the speakers. We invite […]

#SiiqqeeSuperstar – October 2016

For her dedication and advocacy around the issue of Oromo protests, this month’s Siiqqee Superstar is Najat Hamza. We applaud her for her appearances on the Al Jazeera program “The Stream”, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) and countless writings that have spread awareness of the dire situation Oromos are facing in their homeland. “In all debates, […]

#SiiqqeeSuperstar – June 2016

This month on the blog, we wanted to highlight an Oromo woman whose philanthropy always goes above and beyond. California’s own Obse Lubo has been involved in countless initiatives, both in North America and back home in Oromia. Her passion for making healthcare accessible to all is derived from the challenges she sees our people face […]

#SiiqqeeSuperstar – August 2016

Every city in our diaspora has members of the community who greatly contribute to the success of community affairs. We are aware of the ones close to home, but rarely are we introduced to works and contributions of the many others. This month, the Siiqqee Chronicles Team would like to introduce you all to one of the […]

#SiiqqeeSuperstars – May 2016

Here at Siiqqee Chronicles, we have decided to do a feature at the beginning of every month that highlights Oromo women who are doing amazing things in their communities. This month, we would like to highlight Tiyya Foundation’s Co-Founders Aaddee Owliya Dima and her daughter Meymuna Hussein-Cattan! Taken from the Tiyya website: “With a name derived […]

Siiqqee as a Form of Resistance

“The irony is that when Oromo men trample on the rights of Oromo women, it is not considered a betrayal of the national cause. Thus Oromo women are told to “bear it” or “swallow it” and put off the struggle against sexism until after national liberation. Despite their denigration, however, Oromo women in Oromia and […]

Dissent is Patriotic

by Anaf Lello In the wake of the Colin Kaepernicks of the world, debates on what constitutes and negates nationalism and patriotism are headlining more than they have in ages. Political dissent is nothing new here in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, although it is certainly met with varying capacities. In America, […]

Dear Diaspora

by Chaltu Siraj Dear Diaspora, Watching the bloodshed and genocide take place in your motherland an ocean away has taken a toll on you. As the government is rounding your people up and using their bodies for target practice, I know you cannot help but to think, “who is next?” You have read history and heard […]