Dear Diaspora

by Chaltu Siraj Dear Diaspora, Watching the bloodshed and genocide take place in your motherland an ocean away has taken a toll on you. As the government is rounding your people up and using their bodies for target practice, I know you cannot help but to think, “who is next?” You have read history and heard […]

Spoken Word by Soreti B. Kadir

  A very moving piece by Soreti B. Kadir inspired by Hawwii Tazarraa’s protest song “Ka’i Qeerroo”. In her words: “News of Hawwii’s arrest by Ethiopian security forces (third time in 3 months) surfaced less than 24 hours ago. Her beautiful song is my heart’s anthem right now. My tiny tribute to her and all who […]

No Ethiopia Without Oromia

“There is no Ethiopia without Oromia. Here’s a short note on why! It was the Oromo people who fearlessly fought the fully-armed Italian colonizers. Their bravery was admired not only by Africans, but by the colonizers themselves. It was the Oromo people who fought for the dignity and decolonization of Africa. It was the Oromo […]

Why We Won’t Put Down Our OLF Flag

by Qaanqee Gaara Kaakkaa   I understand that these are emotionally challenging times for Oromos and other concerned Ethiopians worldwide. For the most part we are in pain, and it’s not the kind of pain that we can find a cure for readily. I myself have resorted to an unhealthy amount of social media intake. I […]

Welcome! Baga nagaan dhuftan!

by Admin We are incredibly inspired by so many women in the Oromo community. From our peers to our mothers and grandmothers, Oromo women are so dynamic, talented, eloquently spoken and always working diligently in the background to make sure things are getting done. Whether or not we are adequately represented in organizations or community, we are and […]